Florian Hechinger | Visual Communication






Volkswagen Think New.

Exhibition space for Volkswagen at the IAA 2015.
In collaboration with Blackspace and Volkswagen Germany.

Audi Music Box

Music installation using midi signals to trigger sounds on Audi car parts.
In collaboration with Blackspace, Audi Germany and dadamachines.

Stop Digital Chaos

Illustrations and layout for my friend Marco Peters and his book on digital systems.
In collaboration with Blackspace and Nextwork.

Audi interactive storefront

Control an Audi using the storefront of the Audi City Berlin as a remote control.
In collaboration with Blackspace and Audi Germany.

Wedding Valentin & Franziska

Wedding Stationery and Website combining the theme of wine with chinese graphics.

Howie's Grill

Corporate identity, annual report and illustrations for "Howie's Grill".
In collaboration with Howie's Grill.

Urban. Design. Archiv.

An innovative exhibition in the public space, which should query the meaning of "design". Bachelorthesis, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.
In collaboration with Chris Gackenheimer.

Little Red Riding Hood

Illustrations based on the fairy tale "Little Red riding Hood".


Born in Landau, Germany in 1989,
i studied communication design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd from 2010 till 2013, where i did an internship at Mutabor Design and an erasmus semester at the University of Salford in the UK.

After graduating as a bachelor of arts, i was working at Blackspace in Munich for 2 years. Since then i'm traveling through Germany working as a freelancer on my own projects, but also for different design studios.

The selected work on this website shows both free and collaboration projects.


Florian Hechinger | Martin-Luther Str.30 | 76829 Landau i. d. Pfalz | +4917634544678